Memory Items and Limitations cause difficulties for even the most experienced pilots. Not any more with “Easy Memory Item”! After a few exercises with this APP, EVERY pilot achieves an optimal (theoretical) level of fitness.

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“Easy Memory Item”: Join the Flight Revolution with a Click! 

Let’s revolutionize flight safety together! Under this banner, German company Easy Memory Item UG launches an online campaign on Black Friday, November 24th, offering exclusive benefits to supporters. From discounted subscriptions to lifelong subscription discounts and partner vouchers, there’s a perfect package for all pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

With the unique training concept of the app “Easy Memory Item,” users have access to emergency procedures for around 150 different aircraft. Over 20,000+ pilots worldwide trust “Easy Memory Item” and train with the specially developed Android/iOS app for their emergency procedures.

Heading for Internationalization

“Now, the next major milestone awaits, and we want to embark on this journey together with our numerous enthusiastic users,” says CEO Tino Janke. “Easy Memory Item” is set to undergo comprehensive development and be utilized in the “Business to Business” sector for emergency procedure training in schools, clubs, and airlines.

Student Pilot – First Officer – Captain 

Supporters can choose between three online packages, with the “Captain” package offering the most benefits. Additionally, each package comes with a chance to win vouchers worth EUR 250 – EUR 1,000 from partner company “AIR Store.”

The capital raised will be used to make the app B2B-ready. The future target audience is vast, with airlines and training organizations, along with their 400,000 existing and 30,000 annually added commercial pilots, forming the largest group.

Act Fast: Exclusive 10% Discount from November 24th to 27th!

By the way, being quick pays off. Supporters during the period from November 24th to 27th will enjoy an additional 10% discount on package prices.

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Our Services

Pilot Memory Training Exercise


Our Training schedule helps to continuously improve your fitness level with a minimum investment of time.


In order to achieve the best training results different learning methods are used - let it be a quiz or bringing checklists into the right order,find out which methods work best for you.


Improve your knowledge with our additional material - not only visualizations of Memory Items, but also detailed explanations and comments.


No more handwritten notes - from now on simply store information you want to keep in mind under your Memory Item or Limitation.


Use EasyMemoryItem for training anywhere even without internet connection - its only necessary for keeping your data up to date.


Know your training status and see how your level of fitness is steadily increasing.

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For Business Customers

“Easy Memory Item” was created for the individual pilot as well as for companies.

When pilots’ weaknesses are known, training can be 100% specifically tailored and optimized for each individual, or for the whole group.

Memory Item Visualization

We would be proud to train your pilots too. Talk to us about your company package so that we can specifically meet your needs!

Choose your plane

Be it a Glider, SEP or Jet, the choice is large and is growing from month to month.

Is your aircraft type missing? We would be happy to insert your company procedures!
Contact us:

The secret of any workout is how often it is repeated. Various EXAMs, totalling less than 20 minutes a month, quickly lead to positive results.

What our customers say

I was listening to the A320 podcast and heard about your app. Since I’m in the process of doing my captain upgrade on the equipment, I decided to try your product and I must say it is really handy.
Thanks! Vielen Danke!
Captain XXX
Air Canada YUL
I am very satisfied with this app!!! It helps me very much with my type rating A320! I feel much more confident thanks to this app!!! And it is much easier to memorize all the memory items as well as the limitations!
I am very thankful for having this chance to learn and to improve my knowledge! Best regards,
First Officer YYY
Easy Jet
hello thanks a lot for the app it is helping me lot to memorize the limitations and memory items.

First Officer ZZZ
Juneyao Airlines, Shanghai/CN


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