Privacy Policy

Last update: 21st April 2019

This privacy statement informs you of the purposes for which we collect, process and use personal data when you use the app „EasyMemoryItem“ provided by Patrick Herholz (hereinafter the ‚EasyMemoryItem App‘).

1. Point of contact

EasyMemoryItem App is provided by Patrick Herholz, Kölner Damm 22, 12353 Berlin (hereinafter ‚Patrick Herholz‘ or ‚we‘). Patrick Herholz is the controller responsible for collection, processing and use of personal data of users of the EasyMemoryItem app (hereinafter ‚you‘) pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Should you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal data do not hesitate to contact us. You can send your enquiries by email to You may also find our complete contact details in our imprint.

2. EasyMemoryItem data protection principles

1) The protection and safe processing of your data is of utmost importance to us. We comply strictly with any and all provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act, the Telemedia Act as well as any other data protection laws applicable to EasyMemoryItem. The data you supply remains your data. Without your consent we will not use your data for other purposes than the ones stated in this privacy statement nor pass it on to third parties.
Any data that you supply while using the EasyMemoryItem app will be processed and used exclusively for rendering the services described in the Terms of Service, such as synchronizing your training results amongst your devices and to make using the EasyMemoryItem app more user-friendly and safer.

2) We strive to implement processing of your data in a way that is both data-minimizing and safe. Therefore, we limit the amount of data collected and transmitted to a minimum. Where technically possible your data is processed directly on your mobile device. Only the information required for authentication and summaries of your exam results are transmitted to us. Thus, exams are processed directly on your device, we just store summaries to calculate your current training level and enable you to restore your data to any of your devices.

3. Data processing when using our app

1) Download from the App Store
In order to download and install our app from the App Store you are required to create a user account with Apple (‚Apple-ID‘) and conclude a user contract with Apple. We cannot influence the content of that user contract nor are we a party to it. When downloading and installing the app, Apple receives the necessary information especially your user name, email address and account number, the time of download, the individual device identification number as well as payment information in case of in-app purchases. We are not responsible for nor can we influence the collection of that data. We process the data provided only inasmuch as this is necessary for downloading and installing the app on your mobile device (for example iPhone, iPad). The data is not saved beyond this point.

2) Using the app.
When using the app we collect the following technical data in order to enable the various functions of the app. This data is automatically collected from your mobile device and transmitted to us when you use the app (said data is collectively referred to as ‚user data‘ henceforth):

  • – Your device name (for example ‚Apple iPhone 7‘)
  • – Operating system and version
  • – App version
  • – System language configuration

In order to improve the app we receive error messages following a crash (i.e. after the app was unexpectedly terminated following a program error or the app freezes). The error messages do not contain personal data. Instead they merely contain the aforementioned technical device information as well as informational to which part of the software code caused the error. This data is used exclusively for trouble shooting and debugging purposes.

3) Sign up.
When launching EasyMemoryItem wie give you the opportunity to create a new user account. We only use a minimum amount of data, which includes a username, your email address and a password. We need this data, to ensure only you have access to your training status, and enable you to restore your results on any device.

4) Login.
When using EasyMemoryItem by using your created account, summaries of your training results will be submitted to our server. Those summaries include:

  • – duration of an exam
  • – number of total memory items
  • – number of correctly answered memory items
  • – number of total limitations
  • – number of correctly answered limitations
  • – the date of the exam
  • – the type of exam, namely „Daily“, „Weekly“ or „Monthly“
  • – the airplane
  • – your user id
  • – your „correctness score“
  • – your „speed score“
  • – your „total score“

When using the guest login no data will be submitted, and results will be deleted after logging out.

4. Transmissions

Your data will not be transmitted outside the cases described in this privacy statement unless we are legally obliged to transmit your data to a state institution. Beyond this, there are no other transmissions to third parties.

5. Access, rectification, erasure, making unavailable and revocation

We are happy to grant access to any of your personal data stored by us at any time. You may at any time request us to rectify, make unavailable or erase the personal data we store about you at EasyMemoryItem. Please contact us by email at Data that is required for the execution or enforcement of outstanding payments, services, rights or claims as well as data that must be recorded under statutory provisions is exempt from erasure. Such data is temporarily made unavailable.

We point out that you may revoke your consent at any time for the future. Please contact us by email at or go to the imprint for contact details.

6. Changes

EasyMemoryItem reserves the right to alter this privacy statement. The Terms of Service apply accordingly. You can view the current versions of EasyMemoryItems’s privacy statement and terms of service at any time in the account settings of the app.